Opportunities of AIFC Presented in Brussels

Opportunities of AIFC Presented in Brussels

Opportunities of the Astana International Financial Center have been presented in Brussels. Kazakhstan invited businesspeople from Luxembourg and Belgium to take part in the AIFC work. One of the main advantages of the AIFC are beneficial geographical location in the center of The Belt and Road project route and international independent court based on English Common law.

Kazakh Ambassador to Belgium, Aigul Kuspan said that Kazakhstan’s economy is moving forward despite the global challenges. All of the necessary conditions have been created for those who are interested in doing business.

“The AIFC currently ranks among global financial centers 51 out of 102. This is only after two years of existence which is quite remarkable. Our mission is not only to develop, for example, capital markets but also to contribute to the sustainable economic development of Kazakhstan and the region by fostering in offer to financial services. To that extent, we actually have created the infrastructure to do so. What is the infrastructure? First of all, we have an international exchange. We have indeed international court and also an international arbitration center. It’s independent and also is based on English common law. We have an independent regulator that ensures that we have regulation in place that makes sure that people and companies don’t violate the rules,” said Chief Strategy Officer of AIFC Governor’s Council, Alexander Van De Putte.

Photо: mfa.gov.kz