AIFC: Regional Hub of Green and Islamic Finance

The Astana International Financial Center can become an efficient platform to introduce and implement the tools and mechanisms of green and Islamic financing. Analysts said that such an opportunity will allow the attraction of significant investments flow in the Central Asia region.

On the other hand, the AIFC also expands opportunities for its members to enter the promising markets of Eurasia. It will be a win-win situation for every party involved. Moreover, experts are confident that it will contribute to the regular functions of world financial centers as well as the provision of services in the most promising areas of international finance.

“A good way to attract an influence on the flow of foreign investments to Central Asia is by strengthening cooperation between the regional institutions and organizations. In that regard, the AIFC could be a very valuable asset for the region. Furthermore, the countries of the region should continue their efforts to become more and more competitive and more attractive for foreign investments. Islamic Banking is made to work in the real economy on real projects. It is hardly surprising that more and more investors are attracted to Islamic finance emphasis on real assets and greater certainty. On the matter of the green finance, investors are increasingly decisive,” said International Relations Expert, Dimosthenis Dimopoulos.