Volume of Transit Traffic through the Kazakhstan Reached 20 Million Tons

Kazakhstan’s transit opportunities are increasing based on recorded transit figures. The volume of transit traffic through the country reached almost 20 million tons by the end of 2019. The main bulk of the transit cargo, which amounted to 17.5 million tons, are transported using railways. Last year, the trains transported 11.5 million tons of products to the neighboring Central Asian countries.

“Speaking about the transported goods, the main products that are transported are oil, followed by metals, chemicals, soda as well as grain and other goods. The volume of transit cargo of containers increased by 23 percent in 2019, compared to 2018, and amounted to 664,000 containers,” said Head of Transport Logistics Department of Kazakh Ministry of Industry, Balnur Azmaganbetova.

To date, a number of international transport corridors connecting Europe and Asia go through the territory of Kazakhstan. The route ensures the speed of delivery and reduced distance between the manufacturer and consumer by several times.

“7,400 containers were transported through the Trans-Caspian International Transport Route in 2019. The number was doubled compared to 2018 when the volume amounted to 3,900 containers. The Eurasian transcontinental corridor is beneficial for carriers in terms of value since the participating countries within the Middle Corridor approve the lowest possible cost for transportation every year. The transit through the territory of the republic is carried out for 19 days,” Azmaganbetova said.

Photo: exclusive.kz