Kazakhstan Keeps Leading in the Central Asian Region


Kazakhstan keeps leading in the Central Asian region this year as well. The World Bank experts have announced results of study on Kazakhstan’s economic indicators for 2019 and have shared forecasts for the current year. The experts opined that the economic growth and diversification are ensured by Kazakhstan’s close proximity to rapidly growing markets such as China, Europe and Central Asia as well as trade with these markets. Analysts advise to keep working hard on development of transport, trade, business, industrialization and agriculture.

“So I think it’s the projection is still quite robust, 3.7 percent is still a good growth. And just to remind us, this is a best line scenario based on the data that we have last year up to September. Certainly, we will update our projection once new information comes in the first quarter of this year. In general, 3.7 percent reflects generally the external challenges. The global economy environment is still challenging,” said Senior Economist of World Bank Group in Kazakhstan, Sjamsu Rahardja.

Photo: inbusiness.kz