Strengthening Economic Cooperation between Kazakhstan and The Netherlands


The Netherlands is a key partner of Kazakhstan. According to latest data, more than 800 joint ventures operate in the territory of Kazakhstan. Within the last 15 years of economic cooperation, the amount of direct investments from the Netherlands to Kazakhstan has exceeded US$90 billion. Kazakhstan exports crude oil and petroleum products, ferroalloys and titanium to the Netherlands, while the country imports medicine, machinery and equipment, high-tech devices as well as laptops and agricultural goods from the Netherlands.

“So we started investing in 2017, and up until now we have invested 30 million euros and we are planning to invest another 30 million in the coming two years, so completing the 60 million euros investment in Aktobe. Then we expect to stay there for the coming 10-20 years, who knows, like we have no reason to leave Kazakhstan. The main reason to be in Aktobe is that there is a surplus of gas, so coming from the oil fields, so we have enough capacity, we have enough land, of course, and we are very close to the Russian border,” said Ceo of Green Capital Kazakhstan, Dirk Aleven.

The Netherlands is the logistic port of Europe. Meanwhile, Kazakhstan is becoming a transport hub of Central Asia. Co-Chairperson of the Kazakh-Netherlands Business Council said that this can provide great opportunities for close bilateral cooperation.

“Kazakhstan has five top priorities among which is agriculture. The Netherlands is the second largest exporter of agricultural products in the world, although we are quite a small country in surface, which means that our agriculture is very productive, but it also means that our country is very full for agricultural entrepreneurs. Kazakhstan can become also a world player,” said Co-Chairperson of Kazakh-Netherlands Business Council, Henk Nieboer.