Projects of development Bank Of Kazakhstan

In 2019, the Development Bank of Kazakhstan invested more than 480 billion Tenge in the manufacturing industry and infrastructure projects. The financial institution summed up the results of the past year. Thus, eight domestic enterprises were modernized and put into operation. One of them is the launch of the Solar Power Plant with a capacity of 100 megawatts built near Almaty. Other projects include the construction of the Saryarka gas pipeline, modernization, and reconstruction of oil refineries in Shymkent and Atyrau. Analysts said that all these ventures have a large multiplier effect on the country’s economy. In addition, last year the DBK approved 14 projects, 11 of which are investment projects and three are export operations with a total value of 436,5 billion Tenge.


 - The industrial loans issued to clients are quite diverse. The loans can be secured in the production of electrical equipment and oil refinery products as well as in metallurgy, electricity, food industry and other areas of industrial production. The Development Bank of Kazakhstan is assigned to be the main operator in implementing large-scale industrial and infrastructure projects providing medium and long-term low-interest loans to non-raw-materials-based industries of the economy.