Over 429 Billion Tenge Invested into Kazakhstan’s Agriculture in 2019

Investments in Kazakhstan’s agriculture have been increased by almost 40 percent. Representatives of the Kazakh Agriculture Ministry said that the investment value in the local agricultural facility has amounted to more than 429 billion Tenge in eleven months of 2019.

Nearly 80 percent were funds of investors and businesspeople. The main investments worth about 93.5 billion Tenge have been accounted for the country’s main breadbasket, North Kazakhstan region. In the Pavlodar region, growth of the investment value has been sharply increased by three times compared to 2018.

“Certain conditions such as tax preferences and subsidization have been created for investors. In total, 2019 was productive in terms of attracting investments into agriculture. The first steps were made to establish long-term relations with foreign partners,” said Spokesperson of Investment Policy Department of Kazakh Agriculture Ministry, Mukhambet Zhekeyev.

Experts said that success has been achieved not only in attracting additional funds into the industry. Last year was productive in expanding Kazakhstan’s cooperation with leading international agricultural companies.

“The president of Kazakhstan, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, paid an official visit to Germany last year. As a result, the Kazakh Agriculture Ministry signed a joint statement on future plans with Germany’s Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture. During the working visit of the Kazakh Prime Minister, Askar Mamin, to the United States, a landmark agreement was signed with leading investors of American agricultural business. This has been aimed at opening the meat processing enterprise and production of irrigation systems in Kazakhstan. The Kazakh Agriculture Minister, Saparkhan Omarov, has signed a number of agreements on agriculture development with heads of relevant bodies of countries such as Argentina, Georgia, Germany, and Iran,” Zhekeyev said.

Photо: matritca.kz