Central Asia Region – Important Link of Transcontinental Transport Corridors

China's Belt and Road Initiative will contribute to the economic growth of Central Asian countries. Experts opined that all of the countries will be able to attract Chinese investments in new infrastructure projects, which will be an impetus for further development of the entire region.

Central Asian countries are interested in developing their logistics as well as transit-transport sector as part of the initiative program. The projects include the Western Europe-Western China Highway, the North-South Railway Project, the Trans-Asian Railway Corridor and the Chongqing-Duisburg Line.

“By now already about 130 countries have signed some kind of Belt and Road agreement with China and that’s basically most of the countries of Eurasia and Africa. That constitutes about 60 percent of world population. I think, basically, at this phase the Belt and Road project is for developing countries because they really need basic infrastructure. So I think the first winners might be the developing countries and then maybe the developed countries will have some advantages too,” said Hungarian Expert on China, Gergely Salat.

Photо: egemen.kz