Kazakhstan and Romania to Expand Partnership

Kazakhstan and Romania have started working on diversification of trade and economic cooperation. The largest Romanian transport company in southeast Europe plans to launch a joint manufacturing and repairing factory of freight railway wagons in Kazakhstan.

The two countries also plan to expand partnership in key areas of economy such as energy and agriculture. Negotiations on the launch of flights continue. The agreement on the opening of direct flight between the capitals of the two countries has been signed. This has been announced by Kazakh Ambassador to Romania, Nurbakh Rustemov.

“We will start a test flight next year. Flights connecting big cities between our countries will be regular starting from 2021. First, our tourism potential increases via the launch of the direct flights. Secondly, we will expand our trade. The trade value is estimated at a very high level which is US$1.8 billion per year. In the past nine months of this year, the trade value has amounted to US$1.337 billion. In our opinion, this year this indicator should be no less,” Rustemov said.

Photо: mfa.gov.kz