ADB Invested Nearly US$6 Billion in Kazakhstan

Within 25 years of cooperation, the Asian Development Bank has invested nearly US$6 billion in Kazakhstan. The country used the investments as loans and technical assistant grants in sectors such as agriculture, irrigation, finance, transport, energy and others.

Kazakhstan was the first country in Central Asia to start its partnership with the ADB back in 1994. Today, the cooperation of the financial institute with Kazakhstan continues. Priority is given to programs and projects on development of the infrastructure, promotion of innovations, implementation of environmental standards, usage of the potential of renewable energy resources and others. Representatives of the Asian Development Bank said that over the years of independence, Kazakhstan has established its leadership in the region and today the country is the largest economy in Central Asia. 

“That is also in the nature of Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan is always on the frontline of many developments, and also in terms of reforms, in terms of progress been made in different areas Kazakhstan has be the one leading in the region. One example I could provide of developments which has been happening over the past few years is the leaderships that Kazakhstan is taking with Sustainable Development Goals. This year in November we organize together with the Government and UNDP the first regional summit in support of SDG goals and focused in particularly identifying financing aspects, issues and needs of Kazakhstan and regional countries,” said Country Director of Kazakhstan Resident Mission of ADB, Giovanni Capannelli.