Kazakhstan to Implement Roadmap on Light Industry Development


Production volumes of light industry products are planned to be doubled in Kazakhstan. The goal has been set for the next two years as part of the implementation of a Special Roadmap, which provides a number of effective measures aimed at supporting and developing the light industry. The Roadmap is designed until 2021.

“At the government meeting, the Roadmap for the Light Industry Development until 2021 was approved. The Roadmap acts as a guideline and provides a number of effective measures aimed at supporting and developing the industry. Despite the many emerging positive changes in the country, the domestic light industry still has a number of challenging tasks, including modernization of production, the increase of competitiveness of Kazakh goods and the share of innovative goods in domestic and foreign markets,” said Kazakh Deputy Prime Minister, Roman Sklyar.

“This work is being implemented. Not only the percentage has been indicated in the Roadmap but also topics starting from raw materials to training personnel have been reflected in the Roadmap. Since March, we have begun implementing it effectively. A project office has been created which Sklyar chairs once in two weeks. I, the deputy, and all of the participants discuss topics in four sectors every two weeks with the mayor’s offices. We resolve all issues immediately,” said Chairperson of Atameken National Chamber of Entrepreneurs, Ablai Myrzakhmetov.

Over the last four years, the production volume of the light industry products has increased by 57%. The amount for the volume is recorded at 87.5 million Tenge.

Experts noted that more than 1,000 light industry enterprises are currently operating in the country, employing over 900,000 people.

Photо: strategy2050.kz