Confectionery Production Enters New Markets


Kazakhstan earned more than US$63 million on exporting chocolate and confectionary this year.

Experts highlighted that the “sweet” products made in the country are in special demand from neighboring countries, particularly Russia and Central Asian countries.

“Export earnings of chocolate have amounted to US$21 million in nine months of 2019, US$9.1 million came from the export to Russia, while US$2.2 million from Kyrgyzstan. In terms of the confectionary, the total amount in nine months was US$42.6 million. In terms of the countries, the first place is taken by Russia where we exported nearly US$16.7 million worth of products. US$2.2 million was exported to Kyrgyzstan, while nearly US$1 million to Uzbekistan. Demand for Kazakh products of confectionary and chocolate increases every year. For example, our products can be found in the countries of the European Union,” said Head of International Cooperation Department of Kazakh Ministry Of Agriculture, Ruslan Amanov.

Analysts highlighted that Kazakh confectioners are actively entering new markets. For example, one of the leading enterprises in the industry which is located in Kostanai region exports its products to China.

The revenue for selling the sweet products from the factory has increased by three times, while its market share in total value has exceeded 40 percent.

“The enterprise produces more than 300 varieties of confectionary. The most popular and in great demand in the market are waffles, chocolate and candies,” said Sales Director of Confectionary Factory, Konstantin Lisnyak.

The sweet products have become one of the main brands of the country.

According to a survey of the capital’s residents, most often they bring the sweets and candies with them when they travel abroad.

The Kazakhstan made chocolate is popular not only because of its excellent taste, but also due to its many useful ingredients for health.

“The dark chocolate improves the brain activity, lowers lipid and glucose levels in blood as well as reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, researchers say. However, people should not eat more than 50 grams of the chocolate per day,” said Correspondent, Aigerim Akimzhanova.

The market share of the chocolate and confectionery is estimated at nine percent in 2019. According to the relevant department, the figure will continue to increase annually due to the development of new sales markets.