Furniture Manufacturing is Dynamically Developing

Furniture manufacturing is dynamically developing in Kazakhstan. Over the last five months, the share of the furniture industry in the country's market has increased by more than five percent covering more than a third of domestic demand.

The growth has given an impetus to the industrial certification which has been introduced to domestic manufacturers since July and has already led to a competitive domestic product. The certificate confirms that the enterprise is operating on Kazakhstan’s territory.Based on this, a furniture manufacturer will be entitled to take the state order.

Experts said that the new system will allow covering up to 80 percent of the domestic market. In total, more than 1,000 furniture manufacturers are operating in Kazakhstan. The industry's revenue is 142 billion tenge.

“Since July 1st, our production capacity has increased from zero to 70 percent. Now we have the 70 to 80 percent of production capacity. We expect to further increase it. The process of industrial certification is yielding its fruit. We have from 12 to 18 new jobs. We are putting efforts to increase this figure to 30. The next step is for us to solve the shortage of human capital,” said entrepreneur, Karlygash Baibatshanova.

“We have all the opportunities to improve this industry. Kazakh manufacturers should get the most out of these opportunities. We should also think of ways to give back to the state which has supported us so far. We need to make sure that furniture manufacturing will become complex. First of all, this will reduce additional costs but the cost of products will decrease. It allows exporting as well. As a result, enterprises can introduce world trends and create new products. Accordingly, the quality of the products should also increase,” said President of Association of Furniture and Woodworking Industry, Kanat Ybrayev.