Farmers Сollected Harvest Despite Drought

Cereal growers of the largest corn sowing enterprise, Olzha Agro in Kostanai region, took part in a harvest competition and left the event as millionaires at the Day of Agricultural Workers. More than 280,000 tons of wheat was harvested this year even during drought season. This is a tenth part of the total area in the region. The harvesting work was done by using advanced technologies.

“There are 37 centners of wheat per hectare. Besides the weather conditions, which is one of the factors, we also paid attention to the seeding rate, the depth of seed placement and the quality of the steam treatment,” said Acting Head of Agricultural Department of Olzha Agro, Aleksei Yerin.

Despite the drought, average yield on the fields of the enterprise amounted to 14 centners per hectare and exceeded the regional indicator almost by two times.

“Our enterprise managed to reach high results compared to last year because we are using the advanced agro technologies in our work. For us, it is necessary, to work effectively, to do our best,” said General Director of Olzha Agro, Aidarbek Khodzhanazarov.

The enterprise treats its employees with special care. The work of farmers in the village is considered as respectful and important. Good workers are rewarded with medals, certificates and bonuses. More than 400 farmers including their family members and entire farming groups won distinctions due to their hard work.

One of the winners, Aleksei Bainazarov is a leader of one of the farming groups. Meanwhile, machine operators from Bannovka village won not only money worth millions but also the title of the best workers.

According to Deputy Director of Olzha Altyn Invest, Aleksei Bainazarov, this year, they have collected up to 35 centners of wheat and barley. This is the result of the introduction of the new varieties.

Olzha Agro enterprise has increased the salary of its employees to 30 percent last year. Honored workers received an additional salary bonus of 20 percent.