Aifc Attracts Investments

The Astana International Financial Centre has great prospects. Swiss investors have shown interest in the center and are ready to develop partnership in this area.

In total, the list of prioritized areas includes transport, chemical industry, tourism and agriculture. This is not a complete list of the areas with serious potential.

Switzerland which is recognized as the main banking and financial center of the world is interested in the Kazakh market. This is evidenced by the flow of direct investments. Last year, Switzerland invested US$2.5 billion in Kazakhstan’s economy.

“We are an independent financial management company and we manage US$950 million. We offer financial management services for private investors. We have a license to represent in the AIFC and will offer our services in the financial center. Today we have signed another cooperation agreement with the AIFC and we have started working actively this year,” said Spokesperson of Swiss Financial Company, Max Evard.