Kazakhstan and South Korea: New Level of Cooperation

Bilateral relations between Kazakhstan and South Korea are reaching a new level. The horizons of cooperation between the two countries were significantly expanded by the new Fresh Wind program of economic cooperation for 2019 to 2022.

The agreement was signed in April this year as part of the state visit of Korean President, Moon Jae-in to Kazakhstan. Cooperation in ten areas and implementation of 58 projects are planned as part of the program. The partnership will improve economic relations between the two states as well as strengthen relations in areas such as healthcare, education and culture.

“A joint working group was created to implement the Fresh Wind program between the two countries. The range of its issues is wide starting from the development of a green economy and modern technologies in agriculture to cultural cooperation. For example, a meeting of a special group on health was held this month. Agreements were reached in areas such as the construction of diagnostic centers in Kazakhstan, the improvement of the medical insurance system, the production of medicines, the training of industry specialists and the installation of the most advanced medical equipment,” said South Korean Ambassador to Kazakhstan, Kim Dae-Sik.

Photо: baigenews.kz