Kazakh Winemakers have Entered the Chinese Market

One of the leading domestic wine producers has begun exporting to the neighboring country while also planning to increase its export volumes. Meanwhile, products from wineries in Kazakhstan are recognized in European countries and Russia.

“We will present our classic wines: two base and four classic wine. In addition, we also plan to present the wines of the reserve class. In total, these are the ten wines that we plan to deliver to the Chinese market,” said Company Manager, Dana Kurmangaliyeva.

The technological process at the domestic winery adheres to the international standards. Modern equipment are used for the production of wines. Experts said that the quality of the berry as well as the grape variety is of great importance for the quality of the wines.

President of Austrian Sommelier Union, Annemarie Foidl believed that the Chinese consumers will buy the wines given that they very much liked the elegant drinks. She said that the Chinese don’t particularly like Riesling wine due to its acidic taste. However, she said the Kazakh-made Riesling is moderately acidic which may suit the taste buds of the Chinese.

Kazakh wine producers have high hopes for the revival of the Silk Road. The resumption of import-export activities on the popular trade route can be used to expand the geography of their export. Active promotion of the wines may also indirectly influence potential consumers to purchase the products.

Photо: elitar.kz