Kazakhstan’s Wheat Varieties are in Demand Overseas

Kazakh wheat varieties are in great demand among foreign farmers.

The foreign agricultural producers say that the seeds from Kazakhstan are not only drought-resistant, but also resistant to dangerous diseases. The work in this direction is being actively carried out.

Kazakhstan is creating new varieties of cereals. The research centers of the republic are engaged in the project.

Experts say that the new high-yielding varieties of agricultural products have also won their niche in world markets.

“We are already working with Russia and Central Asia. Now we are interested in China. Recently, we have established cooperation with Italy. 30 farmers have come and seen the different varieties. Based on their orders, we grow durum wheat and export it,” said CEO, Research-Production Center for Grain Farming, Kenzhe Abdullayev.

Author of ‘Egistik’project, Zhandos Kerimkulov said that Kazakh farmers use the online service to enter the identifiers. After that, they determine the location and send it to the European Space Agency. Then through images from space, the farmers receive an analysis for the content of chlorophyll, nitrogen and determination of the percentage of moisture.

‘Next year we plan to offer services to the Russian market,” he added.

Фото: kapital.kz