Kazakhstan Increases Export of Flour to China

Kazakhstan plans to increase the volume of export products to China. Currently, 50,000 tons of products are being delivered to the neighboring country.

Local flour producers plan to reach two million tons of export. To date, the list of companies exporting to China involves 217 Kazakh enterprises including 30 flour mills factories.

“We are very interested in Chinese market because of its great volume of consumption as well as huge population. This is a huge market for us. For example, today, purchasers came and signed a contract on three carriages for test batch. We expect that in the future volume will be increased,” said Director of Mill Company, Alexander Lee.

Experts said that the most popular food in China is hamburger. There are a lot of Turkish cafés.

“Once you try a hamburger’s bun made by our Kazakh flour, you will like it so much, you will do not even want to try others. Therefore, there is a great potential of increasing demand from the Chinese market,” said Director of Flour Mills Factory, Dos-Mukasan Taukebayev.

Фото: kapital.kz