Kazakhstan’s Economy Grew 4.3% since January

Kazakhstan’s economy grew 4.3% since January 2019. A positive dynamics is observed in construction, trade, transport and manufacturing industries as well as in engineering, the light industry, petroleum refining and communication services.

This was voiced by Kazakh Minister of National Economy Ruslan Dalenov at the Government Meeting.

Meanwhile, foreign trade turnover has increased to US$62.1 billion. Based on the year review, indicators are expected to grow to US$96-97 billion.

“Several regions show positive development based on some indicators. The West Kazakhstan, Turkistan, Zhambyl and Pavlodar regions have shown good results based on four indicators while the growth is observed in Atyrau region based on three indicators,” Dalenov said.

Results of the harvesting campaign were discussed at the Government Meeting. Kazakh Agriculture Minister, Saparkhan Omarov, said that over 15 million hectares have been harvested from the total area of crops. Threshing of more than 19 million tons of grains has been completed.

“The 2019 export strategy of crops, aimed at expanding export destinations, differs from the 2018 export strategy. The main goal of this season is to continue exporting Kazakh grains to Central Asia, Afghanistan and Iran,” he added.

Photo: vteme.kz