Kazakhstan’s Export of Non-Raw Materials to be Increased by 1.5 Times

By 2022, Kazakhstan’s export volumes of non-raw materials will be increased by 1.5 times. Experts said that for this purpose, it is necessary to promote local brands. Kazakhstan exports more than 800 products to 120 countries.

A number of measures adopted in the state contribute to export growth. In addition to state support for companies, contests and exhibitions of high-quality products take place in the country.

One of the exhibitions will be opened in the capital. 153 local companies will take part in the exhibition, including textile and clothing manufacturers, producers of construction materials and medicines as well as bakers and confectionery makers and producers of semi-finished goods.

“Many of the products are sold to Russia. China is also showing the demand for Kazakh products. Flour is exported to Tajikistan. Former Soviet Union countries import Kazakh products. Our products are delivered to far abroad as well. Almost all of the local companies export their products,” said Senior Staff of National Chamber of Entrepreneurs, Saltanat Abdikarimova.

Photo: kapital.kz