Development of Construction Industry in Kazakhstan

Local Kazakh construction companies are actively expanding their export markets as well as increasing their competitiveness in Eurasia.

Experts opined that today the construction materials industry in Kazakhstan has great potential for development. The availability of raw materials can be used to increase the country’s production capacity. Therefore, the companies contribute to supplying the domestic market with local products.

“Our company is involved in manufacturing construction materials as well as roof and sandwich panels. In the last two years, we have worked actively to enter the markets in Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. Our products are in high demand. The products are unique and can be easily installed or pre-fabricated in buildings in a short time. Moreover, the walls and roofs can be installed immediately,” said Spokesperson, Construction Materials Manufacturing Company, Yuliya Ivanova

“We manufacture a wide range of power control cables. To date, the range of products includes more than 7,000 macro-size items. We participate in import substitution during purchasing the cable products which are conducted by local companies. We export the products to Russia, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan,” said Spokesperson of Cable Manufacturing Company, Askar Aitkozhanov.

The latest trend in the construction industry is ‘green’ building as well as the use of energy-efficient technologies. The main advantage is the reduction of utilities cost as well as the load decrease on the electricity grid.

Advanced European developments are being adopted in Kazakhstan, such as solar panels, heat pumps, stand-alone solar stations and others. Interest in green technologies is increasing every year.

“Kazakhstan has a wide spectrum of green technologies. We focus on South Kazakhstan because there are more sunny days in the region. We also introduce the technologies in the North, East and West Kazakhstan regions. We use foreign technologies including German and Austrian because the adoption of green technologies in Germany is 50 percent,” Spokesperson of Green Technology Installation Company, Azamat Iskakov.