Islamic Finance Week Started at AIFC

Islamic finance experts are trained in Kazakhstan. Kazakh trainees study professional certification, accounting and auditing based on four international programs which are developed according to the experience of the UK, Malaysia, Bahrain and Qatar.

This was announced at the regular Islamic Finance Week held in the capital.

Islamic banking which is based on Sharia principles has been developing in Kazakhstan for ten years.

Experts said that to date, the base system of the banking has become better as well as the infrastructure has also been developed.

The association related to the industry was launched last year.

The experts pointed out that the next goal is to increase the awareness on Islamic finance among the population. 

“We think that this will trigger not only the growth in expertise but also in awareness. If there is a developed infrastructure and trained staff but the population is not aware of the advantages of Islamic finance, then the number of consumers will be small. In the near future, one of the main goals is to increase the number of events as well as the awareness on the financial instruments,” said Director of Training Center of AIFC Bureau, Ruslan Muldashev.