Kazakhstan and USA to Strengthen Cooperation in Energy and Agriculture

The United States is interested in strengthening cooperation with Kazakhstan in energy and agricultural areas.

Last year, representatives of 16 leading companies in America expressed the readiness to invest in joint projects in the territory of Kazakhstan.

“US businesses are very interested and very attracted to Kazakhstan. We have been investing in here for generations. It wasn’t just focused on energy sector which makes many headlines, but also agriculture which the prime minister told one of his priorities, aviation sector, healthcare and tourism which has a huge potential here as well. So we want to see our economic ties expand and this can be a real strength in our relationship,” said US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, David Hale.

Over the years of cooperation, the US has invested a total of US$50 billion in the economy of Kazakhstan. According to the National Bank, the volume of US investment reached a record level in 2018 and amounted to US$5.34 billion.

“We all know about the Silk Road, the geography has made it so. We think what is important is that Kazakhstani people have a choice that they see there are alternatives. No one is dependent on investment and investment from just one country but there is a diversity of sources,” Hale added.

Photo: Казинформ