Dairy Factory Produces Dutch Hard Cheese in Almaty Region

The production of Dutch hard cheese has begun in a dairy factory in Almaty region.

The manufacturing of the new type of cheese is possible due to the 42 million state subsidies.

Dairy factory supplies cheese to the markets in Almaty region. It is planned to expand the supply geography in Kazakhstan as well as export the products abroad.

The factory produces more than 150 tons of dairy products per day including kurt, butter, cottage cheese and kefir. The products are made only with fresh milk.

“We work with six large farms. They supply about 15 to 20 tons of milk to us per day. We have concluded an additional contract for the supply of another five tons of raw materials,” said production manager, Daniyar Rakishev.

One of the main goals of the factory is to increase the volume of production. Experts are sure that in the very near future demand will exceed the supply.

Photo: komiinform.ru