SEZ – Territory of Innovative Activities

Profitable conditions such as privileges, preferences, infrastructure, financial support and multidimensional cooperation for investors and entrepreneurs willing to invest and work in Kazakhstan’s capital are being offered. These conditions are also offered in special economic zones.

Entrepreneurs are both supported and accompanied starting from the idea stage until the realization of a project.

For example, the laboratory of genetic analysis has been implemented as a result of such support. There is no laboratory of its kind in the republic.

Research on finding a predisposition to untreatable diseases will be conducted there. Foreign investors supported the project by investing nearly US$3 million.

“We are negotiating with the Cardiac Surgery Center. We plan to conduct laboratory tests for drugs that were prescribed to patient after heart operation. We also plan to publish and share the result of the laboratory tests,” said CEO of Genetic Research Laboratory, Yernazar Rashatbekuly.

This domestic company is involved in the production of unique unmanned aerial vehicles, and the company is going to join the list of special economic zone participants. The company’s representatives expect that on top of privileges and tax preferences, they can expand their production line and find new sales markets.

Global experience shows that services of unmanned aerial vehicles are worth nearly US$6 billion. The UAVs will be estimated at US$65 billion in 25 years.

“There is huge potential to work in this area not only in the world but in entire Kazakhstan,” said Director of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Manufacturing Company, Madiyar Smagulov.

Analysts said that the volume of investments coming into the economy of the city is increasing while the export potential is being realized due to the special economic zones.