Consulate General of Uzbekistan Opened in Aktau

Trade between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan is planned to reach US$4 billion by the end of the year.

The Consulate General of the neighboring republic is set with the task to contribute to the dynamic development of cooperation between the two countries.

The transit potential of Mangystau region plays a big role in strengthening interregional relations, increasing passenger traffic and partnership in tourism.

The recently launched Beineu – Border of Uzbekistan highway will allow a shorter route for Uzbek products to be sent to Russia and Caucasus markets through the seaports in Kazakhstan.

Employees of the Consulate General will help the Uzbek citizens to prepare all the necessary documents.

“Aktau is the sea gate of Kazakhstan. The entire freight traffic, sea freight traffic passes from here and this is a short way for Uzbek goods to enter other countries through Kazakhstan. When there is a flow of goods, the population will travel and investors will communicate with each other,” said Ambassador to Uzbekistan in Kazakhstan, Saidikram Niyazkhodzhayev.