Second Industrial Park to be Opened in Nur-Sultan

A second industrial park is planned to be opened in the capital of Kazakhstan.

The first industrial park is almost full. The business environment is very attractive and resonates well with the goal of the park.

Projects in the automotive and food industries, construction and pharmaceutical enterprises as well as companies in the field of IT technologies and scientific research will be placed on the territory of the new zone.

“We plan to expand all types of activities. 26 types of activities are suggested and we envisaged to implement a very large number of projects. We are interested in all the projects that can be implemented on the territory of the SEZ,” said Deputy Board Chairman of ‘Astana Technopolis’ SEZ, Mukhtar Ibrayev.

Currently, there are two special economic zones in the capital.

The first zone covers the administrative business center of the city and the existing industrial park.

The site of the second special economic zone has nine projects. Moreover, most of the projects are located on the territory of Nazarbayev University. These projects are in the field of IT, engineering and medicine.

All nine participants in the SEZ are Kazakh companies, but two of them are established by companies from the USA and China. The fact is that these companies attract certain technologies to Kazakhstan.

For example, this IT Company is engaged in the development of unique smart applications for the automation of utilities and public services as well as the creation of other digital solutions.

The company is located on the territory of the industrial park. Like other participants in the subzone, it was granted a number of special benefits and preferences.

“The special economic zone gives us opportunities like a convenient place, a resource base of specialists, who become our employees, and tax benefits,” said Director of IT Company, Yevgeniy Maksimov.

Experts emphasize that the SEZ projects can be of any scale, from large multi-billion dollar projects with the attraction of foreign investment and wide export potential to small but important for the development of the city.

Experts say that the main thing is that the projects must be high-tech and innovative.