30% of foreign investment in Kazakhstan comes from the Netherlands

30 percent of all foreign direct investment in Kazakhstan comes from the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

Last year, the European country invested more than US$ 7.4 billion in Kazakhstan. The majority of the investment is in the oil and gas sector.

However, according to the Deputy Head of Diplomatic Mission of the Netherlands, Nora Dessing, Dutch companies plan to diversify their investment portfolio and pay attention to the agricultural sector.

“We see that the agricultural market diversification is very interesting for Kazakhstan and Dutch companies. Local companies buy Dutch technology and agricultural products. It’s quite a diverse sphere including greenhouses, vegetable seeds and poultry,” she said.

The Kingdom of the Netherlands takes the second place in the world in agricultural production. Kazakhstan is actively adopting Dutch technologies. For example, the country's largest Makinsk Poultry Farm was built taking into account the Dutch experience and the use of their technologies.

Another promising area of cooperation is sustainable development. It is a global trend which Kazakhstan is quickly catching up. This is an area where the Netherlands has a lot of experience. They recycle almost 90 percent of wastes.

Nora Dessing said that cooperation between the two countries still has great potential for further development.

Photo: 365info.kz