AIFC Prepares to Issue Green Bonds

The Astana International Financial Center is becoming popular in the world. There is also interest in the AIFC Stock Exchange.

Today the AIFC is preparing to issue its first green bonds. Profits from the bonds will be distributed to support environmental projects such as energy efficiency, green transport and others.

Governor of AIFC, Kairat Kelimbetov said that the development of the organization is happening faster than it was planned.

The introduction of investment tax residency is being launched. This is one of the mechanisms to attract capitals into Kazakhstan from foreign companies. For this purpose, there will be a number of amendments into the Tax Code.

Kelimbetov said that in April 2019, one of the largest Russian mining companies became the first foreign issuer. On the first day of trading, there were investments in the company's securities worth US$17 million.

In accordance with step 73 of the Nation’s plan, the First President has instructed to ensure the international transport accessibility of the financial center.

“The flight to Tokyo was introduced. In the near future, flights to the largest financial centers of Shanghai, New York and Singapore will be launched,” added Kelimbetov.