University of the Future to be Opened in Nur-Sultan

A ‘University of the Future’ on the basis of the AIFC Bureau of Continuous Professional Development is planned to be opened in Nur-Sultan.

The best practices in training specialists are expected to be applied in the field of finance and investment. The reach of specialists is possible to be significantly expanded due to the use of modern online technologies.

Residents of the capital and Almaty, as well as all the regions of the republic, can have access to high-quality education.

The best students from all over the world were attracted to create the ‘Digital University’ concept. Their offers will help initiators to implement the project, taking into account the latest trends in the educational field.

“We plan to implement a number of initiatives next year. We plan to start the pilot study in a number of schools based on the new format. The ‘School without Teachers’ format is very popular and students can learn from each other and use the ‘gamification’ system. The teacher uses a computer to set the tasks. We would also like to collect a couple of best practices in a pilot mode and try to implement from next year for the AIFC Bureau as well as for the International Financial Center,” said Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of ‘AIFC Administration’, Yernur Rysmagambetov.

The main task of the AIFC Bureau of Continuing Professional Development is to train professionals in the financial sector.

Specialists learn the English language and international standards based on the system used by leading financial centers in the world.