Russia’s Interest in Kazakh Organic Watermelons

The experimental plantation of melons in the Turkistan region has yielded good results.

Russian buyers are interested in organic watermelons of Kazakhstan. The weight of the melons reaches more than 15 kilograms.

Farmers of three melon farms in the Suzak region plan to export the fruits abroad.

Last year, 250 tons of fruits were harvested from just one field of 10 hectares. Some of the fruits were delivered to neighboring countries.

The Suzak region has just started to grow the watermelons. Previously, only corn, alfalfa and vegetables were planted.

The local residents are mainly involved in camel breeding and farming.

“We plan to export over 600 tons of products. In 2020 melon farmers will start growing in additional three farms. We are going to increase volumes. We’ve begun exporting watermelons. We mainly export to Russia and other regions of Kazakhstan, including the northern region,” said Governor of Suzak rural district in Turkistan region.