EDB Projects in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan makes up 42 per cent of the volume of the current investment profile of the Eurasian Development Bank.

The EDB supports a number of large Kazakh companies in areas of energy, transport as well as infrastructure development.

One of the big projects is the construction of ‘Saryarka’ gas pipeline. It is financed by the Development Bank of Kazakhstan and the EDB. The financing amounted to more than US$260 million. To date, half of the construction works have been completed.

In addition, EDB’s another important client is a Kazakh gold mining company. The company together with EDB is involved in a project worth over US$100 million.

According to the Deputy Chairperson of EDB, Amangeldy Isenov, the bank has a list of priority areas such as infrastructure, road, transport and energy.

Special attention is given on renewable energy. The program on financing renewable energy projects has been adopted and is sent to members of the council for consideration and approval. Within the project framework, the bank will consider projects in this area as a priority.

“We also have mining industry. In addition, we are considering on the agricultural sector,” he added.

Isenov pointed out that the new criteria for selecting financially sponsored projects depends on its capital intensity and scale.

The EDB also supports initiatives implemented through public-private partnerships. The presence of integration components is of primary importance.

Photo: inbusiness.kz