More than 600 Farms are Involved in Livestock Breeding in Kostanai Region

Livestock is a very promising industry in Kazakhstan. Stable demand for products is maintained both in foreign and domestic markets.

Moreover, today domestic meat producers cover 100 percent of the needs of Kazakhstan.

In one of Kostanai region more than 600 farms are involved in livestock breeding. Cows of the ‘Auliekol’ local breed have a high genetic value. Farmers of the Commonwealth of Independent States appreciate the Kazakh pedigree cattle.

Russian farmers are arriving to local farms in order to purchase the breeding cattle. Some of the cattle are taken from feedlots. The local breed is famous for having ‘marble’ meat. Therefore, volumes of exports are increasing.

“We have done the task. This year we have to supply 1,750 heads of cattle for further fattening and realization for exporting,” said Senior Staff of Agriculture Department, Baitemir Ismailov.

There are nearly 76,000 heads of breeding cattle in the region. The numbers are growing every year, including at the expense of the ‘Sybaga’ state program.

This year, the country intends to import approximately 3,000 heads of cattle.

“Last year, we imported 2,000 heads of breeding cattle. This year, almost 500 heads have been imported. By the end of the year, we plan to bring in 3,750 heads,” Chief Specialist of Agriculture Department of Kostanai Region, Aslan Moldashov.

The share of breeding stock is increased with the help of breed transformation. The state program involves more than 60,000 breeding stocks.