Camel Milk Powder is Produced in Turkestan

The production of dry milk concentrate from camels has begun in Turkistan.

The project is a joint investment of Kazakhstan and China. The cost estimation is at 7.5 billion tenge.

Up to 100 tons of dried powder is produced at the facility per day. In one year, the production volume is 33,000 tons. The natural product is exported abroad. 

The powdered milk is produced in a special container. One container contains 330 grams of dry concentrate. If it is mixed with water, it becomes three and a half liters of pure shubat.

Experts said that workshop is equipped with the most modern equipment, everything is automated. Digital technology allows to better control the process.

Milk is cleaned before pasteurization. In the final stage, the milk is sent to the shop, where it is already prepared from the concentrate.

The representatives of the enterprise buy the milk for processing from local camel farms.

At the same time, the production technology used at the Turkistan factory allows preserving all the nutritional properties of shubat.

Photo: Хабар 24