Reconstruction of Usharal-Dostyk International Highway has Begun

Kazakhstan and China have agreed to prioritize increasing the number of tourists as well as cargo transportation between the countries. The successful achievement of the goals depends on the improvement of highway.

The reconstruction of an international highway, Usharal-Dostyk highway has started in Almaty region in order to achieve the goal.

Next year, tourists will be able to reach Lake Alakol by train and plane as well as by using the highway. The opening of the highway will increase the number of tourists.

Many tourists want to come to Alakol by their own vehicles. In addition, the volume of cargo transportation by rail between Kazakhstan and China is 25 million tons per year.

The great prospects will open in the field of road transport with the launch of a highway of international importance. Deputy Mayor of Alakol Region, Almas Akhanov believes that this route has a great future.

About 1,500 cars go through the highway in the direction of Usharal-Dostyk every day in the summer. Experts say after the completion of construction work, the figure will increase by several times.

The width of the road connecting the two states will be nine meters; two lanes are provided in both directions.

“This is one of the first turnkey projects which we develop and implement ourselves. This year we are planning to finish 0 to 30. In autumn, we will begin from 30 to 0 railway mileposts. The project is completed and it is now being accessed by the state. We will begin working after the assessment,” said Project Manager, Serik Aidarov.

The construction works will be held in three stages. More than 16 billion tenge was granted for the first 60 kilometers of the road. The completion of repairs on the Usharal-Dostyk highway is expected by the end of 2021.