Kazakhstan Introduces China’s Agricultural Innovations

Kazakhstan adopts the experience of China in the agricultural sector.

The Kazakhstan-China demonstration zone of agricultural innovations is successfully operating for several years.

Various types of agricultural products and advanced technologies from China are being adapted to local conditions. There are 46 varieties of wheat, corn, beans, rapeseed and other crops. Grain defects and impurities are removed from barley and wheat.

Two Chinese varieties of winter wheat have successfully passed the weather test as the grains are resistant to the local weather and diseases. The wheat is sowed on 10 hectares of land. Other grain varieties are being tested on the site.

“We planted and sowed local and Russian grain. It is interesting to compare the selection of Chinese scientists – how much it differs from domestic and Russian grain, not only by yield capacity but also geochemical composition, by vegetable gelatin and by protein content,” said Candidate of Biological Sciences, Manshuk Zheksembekova.

Kazakhstan-China demonstration zone of agricultural innovations is located 70 kilometers from Almaty.

Chinese company was established here in 2015 when the agreement was signed with the Kazakhstan farmers. More than 46 varieties of agricultural products have been grown using advanced technologies.

Experts said that the cooperation will significantly increase the productivity of the agro-industrial complex in Kazakhstan. The agricultural products can be stored in warehouses.

The sale of seed to local agricultural producers is possibly after the completion of certification and registration in the country.

There are 700 farms in the Turgen rural area. Many of the farms are engaged in crop production. Local authorities have expressed interest to cooperate with the Chinese farmers.

“We hold farmer’s day in Almaty region every year where the farmers get acquainted with our achievements, results for the year as well as new discoveries of technology and seeds,” Zheksembekova added.

Local authorities try to help the foreign technologists with housing conditions and land leasing issues. Also, they try to resolve issues concerning land allocation which was given for rent and help with the documentation process.

China is also ready to share technologies of growing vegetables in greenhouses with Kazakhstan.

Tomato seedlings are currently being prepared for planting. Cucumbers and peppers of Chinese varieties will also be planted. The first harvest is expected for winter.

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