Almaty - Center of Investment Attraction

Almaty - Center of Investment Attraction

The economic potential of Almaty, as one of the largest cities in Kazakhstan, is appealing to investors.

There is an increase in inflow of capital funds by 10% for the year. The value is recorded at over 730 billion tenge.

Domestic and foreign companies are increasingly investing in the creation of industries in the city or in the special economic zone.

According to the Acting Head of Entrepreneurship and Investments Department of Almaty, Rustem Voroshilov, foreign investment shows a constant dynamic.

Growth in nominal terms is 111 billion tenge, this figure has already exceeded 73 billion tenge from January to June.

The Investment House is created for investors. The purpose of this is to ensure that investors receive maximum support and avoiding bureaucracy.

International companies feel very comfortable operating in the special industrial zone.

The companies are focused on the development of six priority sectors of the Kazakh economy. These enterprises produce food products, pharmaceuticals, chemical products, electronics and metal structures.

“If we get good quality for a good price in Kazakhstan and use the work of local specialists, there is no need to leave this market, pull capital and go to foreign countries. In particular, if we are talking about service companies and enterprises that work in the mining and processing industries,” said General Director of Foreign Company, Edwin Blom.

General Director of French Company, Maxim Ageyev said that foreign companies are satisfied with the taxation in Kazakhstan and the level of development of engineering competencies. The regulatory base is improving.

“We see that economics is rising. There are construction, infrastructure and oil and gas industry,” Ageyev added.

Experts say that the countries which are ready to quickly react to market changes and make effective decisions will always be attractive to foreign investors.