Kazakhstan Increases Meat Export

Kazakhstan Increases Meat Export

Kazakhstan plans to increase exports of meat in the near future. The planned meat volume is expected to be 60,000 tons. Half of the meat for export will be beef.

Experts also said that the number of cattle needs to be added in order to increase the performance of meat processing plants. The import of cattle from other countries will allow improving the population at the genetic level.

Recently, about 60 Simmental cows from the Czech Republic were brought to the Zhambyl region. Over 36,000 cattle are planned to be exported into the region from abroad by 2027.

As part of the Sybaga program, about 4,000 cattle will be brought to the region this year.

Kazakhstan exported 33,000 tons of meat to 11 countries in 2018. High demand for meat and other products are noted from neighboring countries.

The country also exported agricultural products worth USD34 million to Chelyabinsk region last year.

A trading facility is planned to be built in the Southern Urals by small enterprises and farmers from Kazakhstan. Experts said that the facility will help increase the sales and reach regional markets.

In Russia, there is also high demand for dairy products, sausages, processed foods and sweets apart from meat. The products are very popular among the locals.

According to experts, food products from Kazakhstan can compete with leading manufacturers from other CIS countries. Today, the country has everything necessary to actively conquer foreign markets.

Photo: zhaikpress.kz