Cooperation between Kazakhstan and China

Cooperation between Kazakhstan and China

Kazakhstan and China are deepening ties. Much attention is devoted to growing the exports and imports and setting up joint business.

This year, Kazakhstan will take a part in “China International Import Expo” that will be held in November in Shanghai. More than 130 countries and transnational companies will take part in the international event.

According to Deputy Chairman of Kazakh Chamber of International Commerce, Nuraly Bukeikhanov, 35 Kazakh producers took part in the fair and made export agreements worth US$110 last year. This year, 140,000 enterprises will take part in the fair, representing almost the entire world.

“We always adhere to the principles of joint discussion, joint building construction and joint usage, and we created grand-scale projects that are mutually beneficial for us and Kazakhstan. After all, people of both countries will benefit from this project,” said Consul General of China in Almaty, Zhang Wei.

Kazakhstan and China continue developing the tourist potential of Khorgos.

Nowadays, Khorgos is a city with a great investment appeal, which has the chances to drive tourist inflows. Citizens of China, Kazakhstan and third countries can visit the cross-border center without entry visas.

“I’m sure that this cross-border center will support the development of free market and strengthen our friendship from generation to generation,” Zhang Wei added.

China has invested more than $200 million to the International Centre of cross-border cooperation and another $1.5 million to the construction of shopping facilities.

More than 4 thousand trade companies work in Khorgos. 8 million 300 thousand people visited Khorgos in 2018, 2.5 million people visited Khorgos in the first 5 months of 2019. This is 78% more than last year.