AIFC: Development of Human Capital

Human capital development and introduction of world standards are the main priority areas of the Astana International Financial Center (AIFC).

A Bureau for Continuing Professional Development has been established at the financial institution. The goal of the bureau is to increase the financial and investment literacy amongst local specialists and popularize global certifications.

More than 2,500 specialists were trained at the bureau and receive additional education. The training is conducted by leading experts of the region.

Foreign experts said that human resources development and introduction of international standards will allow Kazakhstan to increase its investment attractiveness.

According to Former Governor of CFA Institute, Giuseppe Ballocchi, international financial reporting standards are key to develop the trust of investors. The IFRS standards that have been adopted by Kazakhstan are principle-based. It gives more ability, more flexibility to adapt to the local environment but requires building an ecosystem of professionals trained in the standards.

In total, the bureau plans to retrain more than 5,000 specialists in the financial industry of Kazakhstan. A personnel reserve will be created for the AIFC ecosystem as well as for the entire country.