Kazakhstan Listed as Top 20 Investment Appealing Countries

Kazakhstan Listed as Top 20 Investment Appealing Countries

Kazakhstan is among the top 20 investment appealing countries. Currently, the Kazakh Government is set to improve the country’s rankings and enter the top 15 list.

Favorable business climate and political stability are the key factors to attract foreign investors. The Astana International Financial Center established in Nur-Sultan opened a new page in the history of independent Kazakhstan.

According to AIFC Governor, Kairat Kelimbetov, Astana International Financial Center is interesting for investors as there are investment dispute resolution institutions, the new international exchange based on western technologies and privatization processes.  

Businesspeople and officials from many countries and large investment and financial organizations are interested in Kazakhstan’s involvement in the Chinese Belt and Road initiative.  

“The One Belt One Road Initiative is seeking to pursue very ambitious and very important goals, particularly for emerging and frontier markets and countries like Kazakhstan that has so much potential.”

“They really need the kind of investment and infrastructure needed to help them meet the sustainable development goals,” said Sonja Gibbs, Managing Director of Global Policy Initiatives, Institute of International Finance.

Photo: inbusiness.kz