Astana Finance Days Begin in Kazakh Capital

Kazakh and international financiers have gathered in the capital for the official first day of the Astana Finance Days conference.

An expert platform was created at the event to help young companies focusing on the global market to cooperate and collaborate with international investors who are interested in investing in new businesses.

Nearly 100 people attended the lectures by international financial institutions. Most of the attendees are representatives of enterprises of the Central Asian countries and Russia who have been implementing viable projects.

They are increasing their competence in international sales by collaborating with financial institutions. 

“We plan to select up to 20 companies that promise that their future cash flows will be justified. We will start working with them this September. We have come up with programs aimed to ensure the development of 20 companies and will assist them with attraction of foreign investments.”

“Later, we are planning to share the experience with other market participants in our country,” said Deputy Chairperson of AIFC Administration, Yernur Rysmagambetov.

A total of about 300 experts representing Kazakhstan, USA, UK, Singapore and India registered at the Astana Finance Days conference.

As part of the event, specialists reviewed the latest changes that took place in the global economy over the last decade and discussed the ways to identify the latest integration trends and how to use the full potential of the Silk Road.