Camel Milk Ice Cream Production Launched in Kyzylorda

Camel Milk Ice Cream Production Launched in Kyzylorda

Production of unique and healthy sweet dessert, the ice cream from camel milk, has been launched in the Kyzylorda region. The company produces up to 1,000 camel milk ice creams per day. There are seven ice cream varieties. Experts say that camel milk ice cream is healthy and nourishing.

Bayan Duisenbekova, Technologist says the camel milk ice cream contains 6% fat. ‘There is special equipment which checks composition of the dessert. The production process of the ice cream is carefully checked. The new technology preserves dessert’s healthy properties. The ice cream is very nourishing and is in high demand’ Duisenbekova explained.

The factory was launched three years ago. It used to produce 400 litres of camel milk, shubat. State programs and new equipment have allowed the enterprise managers to increase production to two tonnes per day. Eight types of products made of camel and cow’s milk are produced here, including kurt, cottage cheese, cheese, airan, shubat and yogurt.

There are 750 camels, 285 cows and 150 horses in the agricultural cooperative. The products are organic and this is the reason they are in high demand,’ local farmer Sabyr Yermakhanov said. 

The company intends to increase its production capacity and sales market in the future. The range of products and production’s volume will expand, too.