‘Solar Fest Qazaqstan’ to Take Place on July 4-5

‘Solar Fest Qazaqstan’ to Take Place on July 4-5

‘Solar Fest Qazaqstan’ International Business Festival will be held in Burabai on July 4th to 5th. The platform will bring together all solar industry stakeholders, investors, financial and research institutions, government agencies and equipment manufacturers.

The event participants will discuss important aspects of the industry, discuss solar energy projects and learn about the new support measures for green energy projects. The organizers are hoping the festival will allow developing new solutions and strategies in solar energy development in Kazakhstan and will also help provide the necessary information about the industry to the market participants.   

Kaliya Khissamidinova, member of directors’ board of Kazakhstan Solar Energy Association believes few stakeholders have access to the latest and most accurate information related to solar energy.

‘Even those who participate in auctions don’t always know the details about the exact rules and support measures. The government provides a number of support tools in order to make renewable projects more cost-effective, such as exemptions from paying customs duties. At the moment, very few people know exactly what to do and where to get information,’ she said.

The Kazakh government is focusing on developing the renewable energy sector as the country is set to implement the concept of transitioning to the green economy. Last year, the first renewable energy auction was held in Kazakhstan. The auction was designed to trade one gigawatt of electricity generated by solar, wind and hydropower plants. 804 megawatts have already been distributed among the potential investors who committed to build power plants.

Photo: inform.kz