Kazakhstan and Germany Boosting Cooperation

Kazakhstan and Germany Boosting Cooperation

Kazakhstan and Germany are set to deepen mutually beneficial ties. The countries have been cooperating in a variety of sectors for the past 27 years. Kazakh and German enterprises established partnership relations in agriculture, engineering and alternative energy sectors.

The countries have recently established an organization in Berlin which will focus on developing economic and cultural ties between the two countries. German partners underline that the political stability and favorable investment environment make Kazakhstan attractive for foreign investors.

Germany has invested nearly US$8.5 billion in the Kazakh economy over the past three decades. 90% of investments are aimed to develop the manufacturing and processing industries. 

Yermek Kosherbayev, Kazakh deputy foreign minister told Kazakh TV about the newly assumed functions of the Kazakh foreign ministry.

‘At the end of last year, Kazakhstan’s Foreign Ministry was charged with new functions of attracting investment and coordinating export activities. Previously, Kazakhstan’s First President instructed the Government to attract investments from three countries, such as the USA, Japan and Germany. Therefore, it is pleasing that there are platforms and social organizations involving German businesspeople which will allow us expand the range of businesspeople that are willing to work in Kazakhstan,’ Kosherbayev said.

Christian Grosse, the secretary general of Dekaf German-Kazakh forum for economy and culture says the bilateral cooperation between Germany and Kazakhstan is developing well in recent years.

‘However, there are many sectors where we can expand cooperation, such as digital transformation and dual education, where Germany has extensive experience. We want to promote Kazakhstan by arranging high-class events. With the help of our society, we will expand economic and cultural ties between the two countries,’ Grosse added.

Photo: atameken.kz