More than 2 million tourists to visit Alakol Lake

More than 2 million tourists to visit Alakol Lake

Experts forecast that more than 2 million tourists will visit the pearl of Kazakhstan, Alakol Lake this year.

In order to attract more travelers in the region, local officials are conducting large scale infrastructural improvements aimed to implement seven prominent projects worth 24.3 billion Tenge.

In general, about 200 tourist facilities have been built on the shore of  Alakol Lake within the last years, and an additional 15 venues will open this year. A new health improvement center will be constructed here at the expense of foreign investment.  

Experts said that the total area of construction site is 4,800 square meters. The cost is about US$4.5 million. The facility is expected to house 48 rooms, which can accommodate 150 patients at the same time. 

Recreation management is one of the most important functions of resort and tourism experts. One of the strategies aimed to attract travelers in the region is to hold large scale cultural and entertainment events.    

Investors have prepared a project for various international and Kazakhstan festivals. The cost of the project is 200 million Tenge. The project is set to be implemented between 2019 and 2020.

The railway route going to the Zhalanashkol station located near Alakol Lake has been resumed. There are direct flights and railway routes from Nur-Sultan, Almaty and Taldykorgan.

Highway repair works worth almost 300 billion Tenge is being commenced in the region. 102 kilometers of the road has been reconstructed last year. Additional 265 kilometers will be completed and commissioned this year.     

More than 5 billion Tenge has been invested in the region over the last two years. Within this period, the tourist flow has expanded 2.5 times and the scope of services totaled 6 billion Tenge.