Number of modern meat plants increases in West Kazakhstan region

Number of modern meat plants increases in West Kazakhstan region

The number of modern meat processing plants is increasing in the West Kazakhstan region and it has a positive impact on livestock farming developments.

The exports of meat are also expanding in the region. Last year, 2,500 tons of beef and more than 600 tons of mutton were exported to neighboring countries.

There is an enterprise which exports its output abroad in the village of Akkozy in Karatobe District. The company was launched 2 years ago. Local workers slaughter 30 cattle and up to 200 sheep per shift.   

Karatobe district farmers exported 10 tons of mutton to the neighboring countries last year. The profitable export business was beneficial for the local farmers as the Government pays out subsidies for every cattle sold to the meat facility.

According to experts, positive developments were beneficial for both regional residents and farmers.

There is a high demand for the services of the meat facility. Its output undergoes the certification process. The meat is packed and delivered frozen and fresh to consumers.

Meanwhile, a new feedlot is expected to be built in the region soon. The facility will be designed for 1,000 cattle.

The region sells frozen meat to Russia, Armenia, Iran and Kyrgyzstan as well besides the domestic market. It plans to export up to 3,000 tons of beef and 800 tons of mutton this year.