90 Companies in Turkistan Region Export Abroad

90 Companies in Turkistan Region Export Abroad

Turkistan region is expanding its export potential. The region supplies various types of vegetables, fruits, berries and livestock products to the domestic and foreign markets.

Zhetisai District itself has shipped 30 tons of melons to Russia this year. The district will also be exporting an additional 90 tons of melons within the next few days.

The first yield of apricots has ripened in the region in mid-May. The fruits are harvested and dispatched by hundreds of kilograms on a daily basis. Other fruits such as apples, plums, peaches, grapes and cherries are also grown on 500 hectares of land in the region.

Last year, output worth US$220 million was exported from Turkistan region. More than half of the vegetables, fruits and meat products were delivered to the Eurasian Economic Union member countries.

The export products are planned to be increased by 1.5 times this year. Since the beginning of 2019, the region sold its products worth US$60 million to overseas.

Meat products from the region are also expected to enter new markets in the nearest future.

Experts said that last year, regional farmers exported more than 9,000 tonnes of meat products to Uzbekistan, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates and Iran.

In 2019, agrarians are planning to export 5,000 tonnes of meat. Farmers have already shipped 4,700 tonnes of meat abroad.

There are nearly 90 exporting enterprises in Turkistan region. According to the General Development Plan of Agricultural Industry, the export value of agricultural products should increase by 2.5 times from 1.7 million tons to 4.1 million tons by 2022.

Photo: otyrar.kz