Kazakhstan Expands Meat Exports

Kazakhstan has been exporting beef from Akmola region to Tehran, Iran for the last six months following the signing of a memorandum on cooperation between the countries in 2016.

Meat produced in Kazakhstan is delivered to four meat processing plants in Tehran.

According to importers, the Kazakh products meet the Halal requirements and have been proven to contain no GMO.       

Meanwhile, Iranian meat importers said that cooperation with Kazakhstan is more beneficial for Iran. They receive about 70 tons of meat per flight. Delivery by air is time-saving and helps preserve the quality of meat. 

In the next few years, the two countries are planning to increase trade up to US$3 billion between the countries.

The import of fresh meat and livestock by Iran will make up a large portion of the turnover.

The parties have signed a number of required veterinary certificates to import beef, mutton and by-products.   

Experts said that shipments of meat from Kazakhstan had an impact on Iran’s consumer market. Iranian meat is quite expensive and is not affordable for many people. Meat from Kazakhstan provides more options for consumers and enhances competition. 

Meanwhile, more meat products will be shipped to Tehran in the upcoming two months.

Since the beginning of the year, Iran imported 500 tonnes of meat from Kazakhstan.

In general, Kazakhstan exported about 33,000 tonnes of meat to 11 countries in 2018.

Photo: kapital.kz